Startup Britain Bus Set To Stir Up Entrepreneurial Spirit At Portobello Road

Traders, shoppers and residents in the Portobello Road Market on Saturday July 13th will be able to access a band of people with one thing on their mind – starting up businesses.

The iconic StartUp Britain bus is embarking on a UK-wide tour to help boost the number of businesses started in the UK to a record 500,000 this year – and it all starts here.

The campaign’s unmissable double decker bus will in Blenheim Road all day with a team of start-up experts and business advisers on hand to deliver free help and support to the ever increasing numbers of entrepreneurs who are creating their own value by turning a hobby or a skill into a money-spinning business.


StartUp Britain co-founder Emma Jones said: “StartUp Britain is two years old. Since we launched we’ve seen record numbers of people starting businesses and creating their own value in the UK.

“Portobello Road Market is already home to hundreds of small businesses – and it’s a place we hope we’ll be able to get busy helping even more people think about starting-up and feel the boost you get from working for yourself. Once it gets under your skin, people often find they prefer it to working for someone else.”

According to Enterprise Adviser Lord Young, start-up and micro businesses account for 95% of all British businesses, provide employment for 7.8 million people and contribute 20% of private sector turnover.

StartUp Britain campaign is supported by top firms, including Intuit, PayPal and BT.

Mark Little, UK MD of Intuit, said: “New start-up businesses have the potential to stimulate the UK’s economy and we congratulate StartUp Britain for inspiring entrepreneurs throughout the country. Businesses like ours have a duty to support start-ups with the tools they need to survive, thrive and contribute to long-term growth and that’s why Intuit is committed to helping young entrepreneurs manage their finances and get paid quickly. We are looking forward being inspired on the bus tour again this summer.”
Mark Brant from PayPal said: “PayPal is proud to be a founding sponsor of StartUp Britain, which does a great job supporting Britain’s newest entrepreneurs – as well as helping boost the economy.

“It’s very encouraging to see how many people have started their own businesses since StartUp Britain was launched in 2011. The online revolution has made it easier than ever for people to set up their own business – you can be trading in minutes. So there’s never been a better time to become your own boss.”

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