Cameras London

Cameras London are a friendly photography stall with a diverse range of mostly vintage film cameras

Today I spoke with Juliano the owner and stall holder


Q. How long have you trading at Portobello Market and what attracted you to the area?

Juliano: I’ve been trading at Portobello for about 7 years, before I started I was always fascinated by the incredible market.



Q. What kind of items could the visitor expect to find from you

Juliano: I sell vintage photographs, post cards, stereo cards, stereo viewer, camera’s straps and mostly vintage film cameras. I’ve got Everything that you need as a beginner, serious collector or just a piece of history that could be used as a nice display or decoration piece in your home.

I also repair cameras and give assistance to customers if possible, plus I buy vintage cameras and accessories (as long as identity is provided)


Q. What initially sparked you interest with photography/cameras?

When I was a child, I used to borrow an old camera from my father and I was amazed with the idea of photography and taking photos of everything.



Q. Do you have any advice for first time Portobello Market visitors?

My advice would be come with plenty of time, there’s lots to see at Portobello, antiques, clothes, fresh fruits and vegetables , delicious street food, cinema, pubs, live music, it is a great atmosphere.. I was forgetting …. really nice vintage cameras 🙂