Judy Fox Antiques

Judy Fox Antiques specialise mainly in nineteenth century furniture and objets d’art

Today we were fortunate enough to speak with Judy, the owner



Q. How long you’ve been trading at Portobello Road?

Judy: My antique shop has been in Portobello Rd since 1971.



Q. Wow, so over 45 years, could you tell us how the Market has changed in that time?

Judy: When I opened the shop here, practically every shop in the area was an antique outlet. Now, due to the increase of rents and rates, antique shops cannot afford to be in the area, so , unfortunately for the serious buyer, the choice has diminished, which allows them to go elsewhere.



Q. What kind of antiques/collectibles could visitors expect to find from you?

Judy: I specialise mainly in nineteenth century furniture and objets d’art, selling to the trade
and outside the UK. I, also, have a warehouse within 5 minutes by car, with a large stock of furniture, restored and unrestored. I specialise, also, in marble and alabaster sculptures, bronzes and allied ephemera.




Q. Do you have any advice for first time Portobello Market visitors?

Judy: For first time buyers, make sure you purchase from reputable dealers like myself who belong to an association of antique dealers.