Saint James’s Court Fine Art

Saint James’s Court Fine Art is a Gallery selling old decorative prints & other fine art.

Today we had the pleasure to speak with Cornelia who is Owner & Manager along with her husband Serge

Q. How long have you trading at Portobello Market and & what attracted you to open a stall in the area?

Cornelia: For almost 20 years we’ve been trading at PBM (Porobello Market); a shop or gallery space in Central London is too expensive & Portobello for us is the best venue.



Q. What kind of items could visitors expect at your stall?

Cornelia: 16th – 20th Century fine decorative & historical prints, assorted watercolours & etchings, a large collection of modern Art; original lithographs by Miro, Matisse, Chagall, Picasso, Delaunay, Kandinsky & many other artist. Our stock is very eclectic.







Q. How long have you been dealing in fine art?

Cornelia: 35 years; gallery in the US & gallery at PBM



Q. Any advice or recommendations for first time Portobello Market visitors?

Cornelia: Come to PBM on a Saturday morning to get a feel and a good glimpse outside & inside the arcades; don’t rush through, there is lots to take in & look at and engage in conversation with the dealers; they are professionals in their field. Have a coffee or breakfast, there are lots of places to eat and foremost make it a great & interesting day out. Whether you are in the trade or visiting. By looking & talking to people you will always learn something! And perhaps you will go home with a little treasure!