Sir Plus

Sir Plus are a British menswear fashion label who use surplus fabric to make into clothing

Today I spoke with Henry, the founder and owner


Q. How long have you trading at Portobello Market and & what attracted you open a stall in the area?

Henry: I’ve been trading at Portobello for 6 years. The market is unique. The area is affluent, but still has a very diverse community. Our products are at the higher end for a market trader plus there are not many places where markets would work as well as Portobello does for Sir Plus.

The fact that it is outdoors means we are able to drive your stock over to West London, which means that you can build a custom stall, unlike I could at Spitalfields Market. I see our stall as a shop in the street, as opposed to just a market stall. We don’t haggle too, much to the disappointment of some customers!


Q. What kind of items could visitors expect to find from you?

Henry: We sell men’s clothing, that’s made in England using (mostly) surplus fabrics.
Sir Plus started with boxer shorts crafted from excess surplus shirting. It has since expanded to Nehru Jackets & Waistcoats, Gilets, Formal Waistcoats, Workman’s Jackets and so on… The range is growing every season with core products at the centre.


Q. Could you explain “Cabbage” and how it led you from boxer shorts to carving out the impressive brand and collection you offer now?

Henry: Ahhhh, cabbage…. We’ve actually dropped the “cabbage” from the branding, as we thought that with both the cabbage and the “surplus” angle, the messaging was a bit confusing. “Cabbage” is the industry’s slang for surplus fabrics or garments. It’s not a commonly used term, but tailors or people in the trade will know it.



Q. Any advice or recommendations for first time Portobello Market visitors?

Henry: Every Saturday at around 3pm one of us on the stall will head to Lisboa for a Nata. They are the best. Then there’s Trini Flavour, (on the stall outside Ally Capelino), who does a great fish curry. The Moroccan guy next to him is also great. I always go for sole fillet with chips and rice.